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Empowering People
To Bank Each Other.

Atlas Agents provide door-to-door banking to the people in their communities everyday, enabling access to Savings and Loans via the trusted and secure Atlas platform.

Trust. Convenience.

Atlas connects people who want financial services with the people that can provide them. We call them Clients and Agents. This is how they work with Atlas.

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With just a phone number, anyone can receive financial access with Atlas.

You can receive financial services everyday, without ever having to leave your home or place of work.

Atlas instantly notifies you of all transactions via SMS and provides you with a menu to manage your accounts via USSD.

You pay a small monthly fee for services received.

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With just a smartphone and as little as $100, you can become an empowered entrepreneur and start getting paid to provide financial services to others in your community!

To ensure that Clients' monies are always safe, Atlas requires Agents to pre-purchase Atlas Credit. This is similar to the way Mobile Money and AirTime systems work.

You circle your community everyday and process transactions with the Atlas Agent App, exchanging credit for cash with Clients.

You earn a monthly commission based on services provided.

Join the Hundreds of Agents already a part of the Atlas Family

Become an Atlas Agent and make a great income by being the financial cornerstone of your community!

Community. Together.

Togetherness is integral to economic and social life in all communities. Atlas empowers the existing networks of groups and leaders in your community, connecting all people together as one family.

Neighborhood Agent.

Atlas selects its Agents from the communities they will service, so that you can transact with someone you already know and trust.

Local Leaders.

Atlas engages with local, religious, and market leaders to grow its Agent network, develop new products, and enhance its services.

Monthly Meetups.

Atlas hosts monthly meetups with their Agent and Client Communities in each region where they voice their problems and propose solutions.


Felix A., Atlas Agent, Ghana

I’ve always been driven by helping others. I used to be a teacher but the pay wasn’t so great. I love Atlas because it lets me see my people every day and help them to realize their dreams. It’s the love for my community that keeps me going. I love the freedom of being an entrepreneur, and now make a very good income that I can build up as I service more of the people I love.

Felix makes hundreds of GHC a month and provides service to over 300 clients.
Jacob E., Atlas Client, Ghana

I own a small boutique at Spintex Junction in Accra. I started saving with Atlas in small bits everyday so I could renovate my container shop which was getting too small for me. I saved up 1,000 GHC before withdrawing to fulfill my purpose. Atlas made it so easy for me to realize my wishes.

Thanks to Atlas, Jacob was able to save money to grow his business.
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Access for All.

Atlas has partnered with Access to bring the unprecedented innovation of blockchain and cryptocurrency to all its customers. Access connects real problems with real solutions, by giving everyone a voice that is heard.

Shaped by Vision.

Atlas believes that free market incentives and individual liberty can be woven together to create a global network of connected communities.

Atlas was founded with the vision of open and shared economies, and believes in a world in which everyone may co-own everything and co-create anything. Atlas believes that Together, we can achieve true financial and wealth inclusion.

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